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this time the review is about a movie starring salman khan. Another khan from bollywood cinema. The movie was produced by his brother sohail khan who also played in this movie.
The story is about Raina (played by kareena kapoor), an orphan who need to continued her life outside the orphanage.. Who is suddenly after her pray to asked a sign from her god, bumped in to samir khanna (salman khan).
And the story goes, raina with no last name become raina khanna. But the story begin when samir decided to sent raina back to india,while he goes to singapore.
Rania,decided not to go back to india,instead she stayed in australia and work in the airport where samir leave her before. And there,she become a friend with akash (sohail), who was in love with her.. He always calls raina as mrs. Khanna
At the end, we will know why he kept calls raina as mrs.khanna.. Coz such a coincidence that akash is akash khanna hahaha

In my opinion, the story is so so.. But the songs is not bad.. I like the song don't say alvida, hapening and mrs. Khanna.. Although the music seems to be like srk music film.. Hehehe

Hmm i think i'm gonna give this movie 2,5 / 5. And the song 4/5 ;)

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