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Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Shoulder to cry on

Silvia Rahayu
When you need a shoulder to cry on
When you need a friend to rely on
When your whole world is gone
You wont be alone
Coz i'll be there...

Not that i'm not thankfull for everything i have
But right now.. I just need a shoulder to cry on.. But there's no shoulder i can use..
Want to say all the things in my head but always no a good time to say it all..
But there's the time.. I have no courage or the time isn't right..

Need a friend to share T_T

Silvia Rahayu / Tukang Nulisnya

Blogger kambuhan yang menulis di saat kepengen dan ada waktu, masih labil sama konten tapi ttp bertahan sebagai blogger meski tak pernah blogwalking :p.


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