Keinginanku denganmu hanyalah sederhana
menjadi teman sejati dalam hidupmu

Di sisimu ketika senang menghampiri
Di sampingmu ketika sedih itu datang

Menyediakan telingan dan hati untuk semua cerita cerita mu
Meski sering kau bilang "ilmu dinda g nyampe"
But still,
I just want to be the first one to know anything that happen to you
Even thought my brain is not as smart as you or someone else around you

My life is just around you and our sons, nothing else
I cant stand to see my sons soo close with someone else
I can't stand if my sons seek someone else when they want to cry
So how can i stand if when you down and you find someone else to share??

I just want to be someone in your mind after Allah, and your parent
Be someone who u can turn to when you need a comfort
Someone that you want to hug when tears falling from your eyes

I know you are strong
You can face anything in this world alone
And if its not, you always have people around you to share
I just want to be that special person in your heart
Be the only one

I realize that in many ways I still  not a good wife, or a good life partner :(
But trust me .. I'm trying

I love you

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