Hmm kecewa?

Jangan berharap kepada makhluk karena pasti kau akan kecewa,
Berharaplah hanya padaNya maka kau tak akan kecewa

Perjalanan hidup selama hampir 9 bulan hamil ke 4 ini cukup nano2, i can't described it in detail.. Cukup menguras emosi dan air mata .. And trust me its just not that i'm lebayatun but it is what it is.

And today boom, another bom is coming directly not to me but surely i felt that as if it was for me..nonetheless becos that bom is directly into my hubby's nose ehem i mean heart :(.

But life is goes on there's a lot of things to take care .. Surely my hubby thought that way, but not for me.. :(. It still bother me.. Why why.. ? From all the people why ?
:'(.. I felt dissapointment in my heart even though i know that i was just an outsider for those people.. Who am i? I have no right to be angry..

A lot of things i want to say.. But what for ? There's nothing can change.. And it is to late..

And again ..

Dimanakah letak kesetiaan? :(

Hanya Allah yg tau ... Karena ini semua skenarioNya..

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